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Don’t Get Hooked by this Fake eBay Phish

Con artists are targeting eBay users with a phishing email intended to steal personal information. The following image is a capture of an email I received this morning. When I moused over the link to take me to the eBay form, I saw that it did not in fact lead to, but instead to — a fraud site. You could use the mouseover method I employed, or just open your web browser and go to Ebay to check your account. Do not click the link in the email! Also, you could forward the email to [email protected] for analysis.

These principles apply to any email you receive, especially those purporting to be from e-commerce sites, banks or other financial institutions. Sadly, neither Postini nor the Outlook 2007 spam filter quarantined this message. Remember, YOU are the last line of defense against fraudsters.

Phishing Email

Phishing Email

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  1. Genevieve says

    BION I’m imrepssed! Cool post!

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